BTS new album sells over 750000 copies in first week of sales

The boy group BTS most recent album has sold more than 750,000 copies in the main seven day stretch of offers.

The group's fresh out of the plastic new album, "Love Yourself: Her," was released on September 18. Since its release the album sold 759,263 copies amid the primary week, breaking the past record held by the group by about twofold. BTS's 2016 album "Wings: You Never Walk Alone," sold around 370,000 copies in a similar period.

In the interim, “Love Yourself: Her” has ascended to No. 7 on American music production Billboard's main album outline. Upon its release, the album topped iTunes albums outlines in 73 nations while the fundamental song arrived at No.1 on iTunes' best songs diagrams in 29 countries.