BTOBs Eunkwang enlists for mandatory military service

Leader of popular K-pop boy band BTOB, Eunkwang, has enrolled for military administration service.

The singer will experience a five-week essential instructional course in Gangwon Province. A while later, he will be assigned out to an armed force unit. Eunkwang is the first of the seven-member group to enroll. While he is away, Minhyuk will assume control as the new group leader.

Before his enrollment, Eunkwang solicited his fans to take care of his group's new leader, Minhyuk, and other band members.

Appearing in 2012, BTOB has released hits, for example, "Movie," "Missing You," and so on. Eunkwang has additionally featured in musicals in front of an audience including "Barnum: The Greatest Showman."